Jul 01

In this episode we give you all the information you need to help identify and read the poop comming out of your bunny!   Bunny poop can be a good early warning sign for their health.  Our very first Guestcaster, Christie Taylor returns with an in deapth analysis of what you need to know about the health of your bunny based on the poop you see!  We also suggest you follow along at with the visuals at this link POOP LINK Thanks for listening!


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Jun 22

June is National Pet Preparedness Month.  In this episode we talk to Dawn Sailer about being prepared for all kinds of emergencies.  We go over what you should have on hand just in case and things that work best for rabbits.  You will learn about emergency items that you should have on hand and also about making sure that somebody is your buddy in case you need their help during an emergency.  You will also learn about many items that are available to help you be prepared.   You can visit this link XXXTOFOLLOWXXX for more information about many of the great ideas that Dawn shared with us.   You might also enjoy dropping back and listening to NMHRS episode #28 where we interviewed Dawn about how she got started with rabbits and got in to the biz!

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Jun 14

This is our final episode in our 3 part series with HRS Educator, Christie Taylor.  In this episode we discuss grief and loss.  We give you some ideas on how to cope with it and how to help the surviving bunnies cope with the loss of their friend or mate.  Grab some tissue for this one because it may be as tough to listen to as it was to record. We appreciate you listening and hope to bring you more great content soon.

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May 30

In Part II of our end of life series, we continue our interview with HRS Educator, Christie Taylor.  We discuss more medical issues that you might face with your rabbit as he or she becomes comprimised due to illness or age.  We are very grateful to Christie for her time with us.  She really helps us get education out to rabbit lovers everwhere.  We hope you enjoy this episode and feel free to send feedback to bill@rabbit.org


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May 12

This is the first episode in our new HRS format!  We are so grateful to bring to you a 3 part series about end of life care for your rabbit.  In this series we interview HRS Educator, Christie Taylor.  Christie is a long time volunteer with our Miami chapter, but currently lives in Canada.  She is a wealth of informtion for this podcast series and we are grateful for her time with us.

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Mar 23

Thanks to 770KKOB for giving us air time to help spread the message that rabbits are not Easter toys!


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Jul 22
Sweet Binks is a 501c3 nonprofit, all volunteer shelter and educational organization. They offer adoptable rabbits looking for loving, permanent homes.  Sweet Binks is a 501c3 nonprofit, all volunteer shelter and educational organization. They offer adoptable rabbits looking for loving, permanent homes.
We aim to educate people about rabbits and prevent their abandonment.They assist area shelters with 150 to 200 abandoned rabbits a year! 
Sweet Binks Rabbit Rescue, Inc.
P.O. Box 415
Foster, RI 02825

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Jun 06
In this episode we interview Dawn Sailer, the chapter manager for Indiana HRS.

Indiana House Rabbit Society is an all-volunteer organization dedicated to improving the lives of domestic rabbits in the state of Indiana.

Learn more:

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Apr 26

The Colorado House Rabbit Society is licensed by the National House Rabbit Society. They are a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt non-profit organization made up entirely of volunteers. There are no paid positions. Every penny of all donations goes to helping the rabbits. They rescue and rehabilitate homeless, abandoned house rabbits. Affectionate, litter-trained, spayed or neutered rabbits are then available for adoption. They also provide education about rabbits.

To learn more go to coloradohrs.org

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Apr 04

For over 20 years, San Diego House Rabbit Society has supported their community through education about responsible rabbit care, spay/neuter, and adoption. They are a 501(c)(3) volunteer-driven nonprofit organization, which depends on donations from the community to fund their work. Please support their goals of rescue, adoption, and education.


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