Jul 22

In this episode we talk to Jennifer Lee of the San Diego HRS about the challenges her chapter has faced during COVID-19.  This was compounded by the arrival of a deadly rabbit virus in the US.  She talks about the way they worked around these issues to continue their valuable work and how a lot of has gone on-line.  Stay tuned to our FB page for more information about classes they offer on-line!

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May 13

Join us as we continue our discussion with Christie Taylor about rabbit breeders.  We also take a few turns and twists as complete this topic. We are very grateful to Christie for sharing her knowledge and experiences with us.  We hope that you find our podcasts both enjoyable and informative.  As always, any comments can be directed to bill@rabbit.org.  

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Jun 14

This is our final episode in our 3 part series with HRS Educator, Christie Taylor.  In this episode we discuss grief and loss.  We give you some ideas on how to cope with it and how to help the surviving bunnies cope with the loss of their friend or mate.  Grab some tissue for this one because it may be as tough to listen to as it was to record. We appreciate you listening and hope to bring you more great content soon.

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May 30

In Part II of our end of life series, we continue our interview with HRS Educator, Christie Taylor.  We discuss more medical issues that you might face with your rabbit as he or she becomes comprimised due to illness or age.  We are very grateful to Christie for her time with us.  She really helps us get education out to rabbit lovers everwhere.  We hope you enjoy this episode and feel free to send feedback to bill@rabbit.org


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May 12

This is the first episode in our new HRS format!  We are so grateful to bring to you a 3 part series about end of life care for your rabbit.  In this series we interview HRS Educator, Christie Taylor.  Christie is a long time volunteer with our Miami chapter, but currently lives in Canada.  She is a wealth of informtion for this podcast series and we are grateful for her time with us.

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Jun 06
In this episode we interview Dawn Sailer, the chapter manager for Indiana HRS.

Indiana House Rabbit Society is an all-volunteer organization dedicated to improving the lives of domestic rabbits in the state of Indiana.

Learn more:

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Feb 20

Learn more about St. Louis HRS:


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